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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Simone Zienna, Founder Meta Nutrition

As we get ready to “re-open for business” after over a year of dealing with the public health emergency of COVID-19, MEETITALY would like to introduce a new friend, Simone Zienna.

I recently met Simone after he became aware of our network thanks to our media profile. Simone is young and energetic and represents very well the rising wave of new Italians trying to leave a mark in Los Angeles

Simone is an emerging entrepreneur, certified nutritionist, and fitness enthusiast who founded Meta Nutrition - ​​an app in the University of Southern California’s Incubator that uses AI to upgrade one’s diet with custom meal plans.

Born and raised in Milan, he came to America in 2014 to pursue a degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California. During his studies he started developing a concept mobile application that would suggest students at the university what foods to eat at the schools’ dining halls based on their dietary restrictions, health goals, and the menu of the day.

Following his graduation, he decided to expand the app to the general public and founded the company in 2019. That same year Meta Nutrition raised $150k in funding and won the accolade of first product of the day on Product Hunt, now serving more than 15k users and growing their community on Facebook to more than 19k members.

Simone with his startup aims to build the most convenient nutritional guidance tool that people and families can use to accommodate any type of diet and dietary restrictions while also providing the most popular tools people use to stay healthy such as a food tracker, grocery lists, and nutrients monitoring.

You can learn more about Simone’s app on the following website:

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