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It's a Brave Zoom World, interview series – Ep. 1

Updated: May 29, 2020

Episode 1 – Brian Mac Mahon, Expert Dojo

MEET ITALY, in collaboration with SVIEC, is proud to introduce a new series of interviews with industry and opinion leaders in these transformative times.

The new series called “It’s a Brave Zoom World” will feature regular talks with entrepreneurs, scientists, experts and trailblazers in different segments of our ecosystem.

“It’s a Brave Zoom World” is a modern engagement tool for our community and aims to be a fulcrum of ideas and discussions about our future.

Our first guest is Brian Mac Mahon, founder of Expert Dojo, an innovative accelerator based in Santa Monica. Brian will share his views on the start-up universe and highlight risks and opportunities in these changing times.

This series is made in collaboration with:

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