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An Evening with Maurizio Vecchione of the Global Good Fund.

Updated: May 23, 2020

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On March 7th, MEET ITALY hosted an insightful presentation by scientist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Maurizio Vecchione.

Maurizio shared with our members multiple data sets about the state of global health and how a mix of technology and behavioral changes can truly improve the state of play.

The work and research that is being carried forward by the Global Good Fund, Intellectual Ventures and the Gates Foundation is truly outstanding. If the Gates Foundation and its ancillary divisions were a country, their R&D budget would place them in third place just behind China and the USA respectively.

The presentation also covered many aspects of the process of “Reverse Innovation,” or the trickle-up strategy of developing solutions first in the developing world and then scale up such innovations to the developed world. Reverse Innovation is now considered a key strategy in global health systems.

For a continued dialogue on the subject and possible follow-up brainstormers, please contact Davide Accomazzo at

Pictures of this great evening of Italian excellence can be viewed on our Gallery Section

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Once more, thank you all for making this evening a great success and as discussed at the event, please consider getting involved with MEET ITALY and help us develop our conscious driven community.

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