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Hold’em or Fold’em: A Stock Market Event

Updated: May 23, 2020

On October 13th, 2018, MEET Italy will host in collaboration with the American Association of Individual Investors a panel discussion over the never-ending debate whether a more successful approach for investors requires to “time the market” or rather the opposite strategy “time in the market.” Questions on these strategic methodologies are more opportune than ever as the stock market approaches not only new price peaks but also valuations that could be spelling danger. A “Dream Team” of Finance Professors from Pepperdine University (academic minds but also very much practitioners of Wall Street) will take the stage at the Skirball Center for a high-level discussion over many elements that are pivotal to a better understanding of the investing landscape. Some of the topics up for debate will include: Risk premia versus behavioral expectations Micro-efficiency versus macro-inefficiency Time varying nature of expected returnsEmpirical evidence of efficiency/inefficiency from different approaches.

The panel will be moderated by Prof. Davide Accomazzo, also Chief Investment Officer of THALASSA Capital, co-founder of MEET Italy, and author of the investment manual “Market Faith.” Other panelists include:

  • Dr. Clemens Kownatzki, currently Academic Director of the MS Applied Finance program at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School. Dr. Kownatzki’s primary research interest focuses on the important question of how risk and market volatility affect investment returns.

  • Prof. Terence Ing, Head of Credit at Muddy Waters Capital, a short biased hedged fund. Prior to Muddy Waters Capital, Terry was an Executive Vice President and a senior portfolio manager for PIMCO's award winning $3.5 billion Global Credit Opportunity Hedge Fund.

  • Dr. Chris Manfre’, currently a Managing Director at Bardi Co., a boutique investment bank based in Los Angeles specialized in private placements and M&A advisory services to domestic and international corporations.

Attend and learn:

  1. Evidence and nature of market inefficiency

  2. Academic and empirical research on different strategic approaches

  3. Tactical versus Strategic portfolios

This event has a cover charge of $5 payable at the event. Please make sure to RSVP via our website (link below) to take advantage of the discounted rate.

RSVP for the event


By invitation only Organized by the American Association of Individual Investors in collaboration with MEET Italy, IIC and Pepperdine University Feel free to contact Davide Accomazzo for more details on this event and if you are interested in the MEET Italy platform on how to get more involved.

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