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Spotlight on MEET ITALY Member Enzo Colombo

Updated: May 23, 2020

With this new blog, MEET ITALY wants to start a new feature series on the activities and successes of our members.

This is meant to be an effort to forge a stronger sense of community among us and to make everyone aware of the little and big steps we all take individually to leave a mark in our system.

The first spotlight is on Enzo Colombo, the Exclusive Marketing Agent for North America of Borghi Piu' Belli d'Italia Tour Network BITN.

Enzo is a long-time figure in the tourism world. He has held the position of Director ENIT Italian Government Tourist Board for Western USA and Canada. Because of his experience and passion to promote Italy as a unique destination, he will have the task of defining the sales and marketing strategies in North America for some of the most historic and unique Italian Borghi (small towns).

BITN and the Association of Borghi Piu' Belli d'Italia will be presenting their unique experience, customized for the American guests, at a special event in Los Angeles during the second week of May. Further details and personal invitations can be obtained by emailing Enzo directly.

BITN - Borghi Italy Tour Network is a tour operator which operates exclusively for the marketing of the product 'The Most Beautiful Italian Borghi'. The company, based in Rome, operates within national and international markets, producing and promoting multi-theme tourist packages all over the country.

The concept of this elaborate tourism project collects the image and communication heritage matured over the years by the association Borghi più Belli d'Italia, a unique travel partner of customized and authentic Italian lifestyle experiences.

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