MEET: Our October Panelists

FROM SCOOTERS TO ROCKETS: The Future of Transportation We are honored to confirm our panelists for the upcoming MEET ITALY event on October 10th. MEET ITALY and the Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles will host an industry focus on the new changing landscape in the global transportation platform. As new technologies disrupt entrenched models and change personal behaviors, we all need to adapt as citizens and investors. We have assembled a panel of experts to shed light on the new dynamics and to engage with our members in a high level Q&A session. The discussion will be moderated by Francesco Cantatore, Senior Program Director at HNTB and expert on high speed train infrastructures.


Host of "Life Changes" Talk Show On August 21, I was invited to the taping of talk show “Life Changes” hosted by our MEET ITALY friend Filippo Voltaggio. Filippo is an accomplished singer, songwriter and entertainer who embodies many of the “Renaissance” qualities that at MEET ITALY we care so much to foster and promote. As a young man, when Filippo was asked what he wanted to do when he grew up, he would answer: “I want to be Filippo.” Obviously, having a clear plan from the start seemed to have been beneficial! The talk show he currently hosts, “Life Changes,” focuses on providing the audience with a roadmap in handling the increasingly inevitable transformations that color everyone’s life

The Future of Transportation

Future Gazing: Trends in Transportation The universe of transportation has not seen radical changes since the 1950s when jet travel was commercialized. Since then we certainly had improvements but only incremental and generally underwhelming. All that is about to change. The future of transport is on the brink of very exciting developments with the power of being utterly transformative for the life of all of us. To be sure it is not only technology that needs to speed up the innovation cycle; in fact, economics and human behavior must all come together to achieve a successful evolution. We can identify 3 time-horizons that may define the pace and structure of transport innovation: the next

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