Innovation and Reality

The other night I started to read an interesting book. The title of the manuscript “Factfulness” intrigued me as I generally rule my life by facts and by making a significant effort in trying to understand my surroundings by logical sequences. The author of the book, Hans Rosling, is an adviser to the World Health Organization, cofounder of Medecins Sans Frontieres in Sweden and a serial speaker at Ted talks. Rosling’s mission with this book is to provide a more informed perspective about the world that surrounds us by shedding light on many facts and statistics which if misunderstood can lead to serious policy and social mistakes. As we are approaching our next MEET ITALY event on March 7th

Are You Ready for Global Good?

At MEET ITALY we pride ourselves on our effort to provide a platform that stimulates intellectual curiosity and forward thinking, so when th

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