MEET: The Rocketscientists

A great night with MEET ITALY and the IIC On September 13, the Italian scientific community from the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) in Pasadena gave an outstanding presentation and overview of their research. Passion and rigorous tech talk were the trademark of the evening as our scientists walked us through the mysteries of the Europa moon orbiting Jupiter, the discoveries of gravitational waves and other mission impossible conversations. Pictures of this great evening of Italian excellence can be viewed on our Gallery Section Also, please remember that special exhibits and interactive presentations provided by the scientists at JPL will remain available to the public at the IIC (please check dir

Lalaland and Italians

On Monday 17th, MEET Italy hosted a brainstorming session with iconic Italian journalist Federico Rampini. The roundtable included a focus group of MEET Italy entrepreneurs and professionals from different fields alongside Mr. Rampini and IIC Director, Valeria Rumori. The MEET Italy delegation included Davide Accomazzo, CIO of Thalassa Capital and Co-founder of MEET Italy, Guido Laudisa, creative force behind Ethos Factory, Valentina Martelli, RAI TV correspondent, Nicola Serragiotto, President of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, Yi Zhou, multimedia entrepreneur, Sassan Masserat, international business lawyer, Cynthia Catalino, estate lawyer, and Francesco Mitrangolo, owner of be

Rockhopping on Mars

The Red Planet, Mars, has been the object of fascination and dreams for us earthlings for a very long time. Mars is close enough to feel reasonably reachable and, while not suitable for human life, hospitable enough to possibly give it a shot at some point in our future. Even Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, is convinced he can shoot one of his electric cars up there just to make a point… but then again that’s just Elon…. Because of the mentioned proximity and a manageable habitat, the Red Planet has been the subject of intense research for many years. In fact, we have been sending rovers to Mars for over 20 years. The first spacecraft we shot to Mars was the Mars Pathfinder in 1997. It consiste

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